Dr. Luc De Meester

Lecture: Eco-evolutionary dynamics in lake and pond landscapes: moving towards a better understanding of evolving metacommunities

Dr. Luc De Meester is a full professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium. He holds a Phd in Biology (1991; Ghent University) His research interests are broad and recently have emphasised the interaction of eco-evolutionary processes and the environment along spatial gradients. His research involves metacommunity ecology, evolutionary ecology, stress ecology and ecological genomics. Covering a broad range of approaches (field work, mesocosm and laboratory experiments, resurrection ecology, genomics, modelling), the overall aim of his research converges into understanding how both ecological and evolutionary responses integrate in explaining how genotypes, populations and communities deal with environmental challenges, including both natural (presence of predators, parasites, competitors) as well as human-induced stressors such as climate change, pollution and fragmentation. He is particularly motivated by eco-evolutionary feedbacks and his recent research has provided important understanding on the role priority effects play on community assembly and on how crucial eco-evolutionary dynamics are to adequately predict biological responses to environmental change.

Email: luc.demeester@bio.kuleuven.be
Webpage:  https://bio.kuleuven.be/eeb/ldm