Dr. Pedro Peres-Neto

Lecture: Spatial mechanisms underlying biodiversity patterns across lake landscapes

Dr. Pedro Peres-Neto is a Full Professor and the Canada Research Chair in Spatial Ecology and Biodiversity at the Department of Biology of Concordia University (Canada). He has a multifaceted research program at the interface of community and quantitative ecology, incorporating a variety of disciplines such as spatial and meta community ecology, modelling, trait-ecology and evolution. His research aims at understanding the interactions between species traits, environmental heterogeneity, landscape structure and species interactions in structuring communities. His research combines observational studies, experiments, data synthesis, and quantitative frameworks to understand the complex processes underlying spatial patterns of biodiversity from small to regional to global scales. Although most of his research focuses on aquatic assemblages, his research spans to terrestrial biodiversity including insects, mammals and vascular plants, among other taxonomic groups.  He has been tackling applied issues such as the management of freshwater fisheries and climate change impacts on biodiversity.  He is a senior editor of Oikos and an associate editor of Ecography, Global Ecology and Biogeography and  Methods in Ecology and Evolution.  He is the past vice-president of the International Society of Biogeography and is particularly interested in interacting and mentoring the new generation of biodiversity researchers.