Dr. Sarian Kosten

Lecture: Rural and urban waters as carbon hubs

Dr. Sarian Kosten is an assistant professor at the Aquatic Ecology & Environmental Biology Department at the Institute for Water and Wetland Research at the Radboud University since 2013 (The Netherlands). She defended her PhD thesis “Aquatic ecosystems in hot water: effects of climate on the functioning of shallow lakes” at the Wageningen University (2010, The Netherlands). Her main scientific interests and research areas are carbon balance of inland waters, effects of climate change on aquatic ecology and water quality, and competition between different groups of primary producers (submerged and floating macrophytes and algae). In her work, she combines fieldwork in Europe, South America and China with laboratory experiments and modelling.

Email: s.kosten@science.ru.nl
Webpage: https://www.ru.nl/science/aquatic/people-research/assistant-professors/sarian-kosten/