Dr. Steven Declerck

Lecture: Implications of imbalanced nutrient supply rates: ecological stoichiometry in a spatial context

Dr. Steven Declerck is a senior scientist working at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO – KNAW) in Wageningen. He holds a PhD in Biology with greatest distinction (Ghent University, Belgium, 2001). Declerck’s work on shallow lakes and ponds encompasses several research themes such as ecological stoichiometry, eco-evolutionary dynamics, metacommunity ecology and global environmental change. His work on metacommunity ecology investigates how biodiversity patterns in natural aquatic systems are shaped by local and regional dynamics. He is also interested in applying such knowledge to effectively inform conservation and restoration. His work on ecological stoichiometry evaluates the impact of prey elemental composition on the growth, life strategy and ecophysiology of zooplankton. Recent research focuses on rapid micro-evolutionary adaptation of zooplankton to global environmental change using an experimental evolution to study the microevolutionary potential of zooplankton. The main goal here is to understand through which trait changes zooplankton populations adapt to environmental selection, and subsequent effects on food web interactions and ecosystem function.

Email: S.Declerck@nioo.knaw.nl
Webpage: https://nioo.knaw.nl/en/employees/steven-declerck